Chicago Career Month 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013 | 6-8pm

Cost: Free

Alumni Career Services invites you to attend the 2013 Chicago Career Month event - Career Pointers for Today.

The working world has changed again from the impact of The Great Recession and the addition to the workforce of the first generation graduating from college who were raised solely on computers; i.e. the first “paperless generation.”

Choose from 20+ speakers who will focus on the following specific topics as they relate to this new workplace environment. Stay at a speaker’s table for the whole half hour or wander from table to table, as your interests lead you.

6:00PM – 6:15PM: Introduction of Speakers
6:15PM – 6:45PM: Round One of Career Pointers sessions
6:45PM – 7:15PM: Round Two of Career Pointers sessions
7:15PM – 7:30PM: Summary Points of Speakers
7:30PM – 8:00PM: Reception

A. Career Planning and the New Economy
Speaker 1: Contract Work—Is It for You?
Speaker 2: Entrepreneurship—Project Work You Own
Speaker 3: UChicago Tools for You
Speaker 4: Career Strategies for Employed Climbers, Mid-Career, & At the Top

B. Career Transitions
Speaker 5: When Your Job is Eliminated—How Can You Make the Best of the Situation?
Speaker 6: Fresh Grads—Moving into Your Career
Speaker 7: Recognizing When It’s Time to Make a Change
Speaker 8: Encore Career Moves: For the Second Half of Your Life

C. Hot New Careers…and How You Enter/Move Up
Speaker 9: Green—Work that Contributes Substantially to Preserving/Restoring Environmental Quality
Speaker 10: Sustainability—Reconciling Environmental, Social Equity, & Economic Demands
Speaker 11: Healthcare—Major Change Creates Opportunities
Speaker 12: Social Media—Now Required Social Presence Creates Opportunities

D. Legacy Building: How Am I Making/Leaving the World A Better Place?
Speaker 13: Foundations
Speaker 14: Nonprofits

E. Skill Development: The Latest on What You Need to Know to Get Ahead
Speaker 15: Internal/External Career Advancement & Compensation Negotiation Advice
Speaker 16: Communication: Marketing Yourself Effectively
Speaker 17: Office Politics/Culture Integration
Speaker 18: Effective Mentoring
Speaker 19: Attire: Today’s Rules for Dress for Success
Speaker 20: Networking

Stay tuned for more information on the panelists for each topic.

Event Contact
Kathy Graham MBA'00

Staff Liaison
Caitlin Wyler