Chicago Booth, "Entrepreneurship: FinTech"

Chicago Booth presents, "Chicago Conversations" in London on February 15, 2016


FinTech Entrepreneurship

The innovations arising from the convergence of technology with traditional financial structures, known as FinTech, are transforming the financial services industry as we know it, but can they replace it?

Along with the freedoms of lean operations and light regulations, FinTech companies face a unique set of challenges, including lack of investment capital, experience in risk management, and established customer bases. Solutions may be sourced from FinTech’s biggest competitors--the banks--but is this a productive partnership? How can leaders of this emerging sector scale up to meet market needs while preserving the integrity of their business?

The UK is one of the leading hubs for FinTech with companies in the region attracting sizeable investment. On February 15, 2016, Chicago Conversations comes to the Chicago Booth London Center to discuss the trends and challenges that experts are navigating in FinTech. We invite you to attend our panel discussion to learn how entrepreneurs and other influential figures at the forefront of these disruptive efforts are addressing the challenges and promise of a future in Fintech in the region.

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Staff Liaison
Alexandria Schultz, AM'13