Chicago Booth, "Marketing: Tech-enabled Customization"

Chicago Booth presents "Chicago Conversations" in the Bay Area on February 4, 2016


"Customizing the Customer Experience: How is Technology Enabling More Sophisticated Marketing?"

How are marketers leveraging cutting-edge technology to meaningfully engage their audiences? What are the opportunities and limits of marketing customization? On February 4, 2016, Chicago Conversations comes to the Bay Area to discuss the trends and challenges experts are navigating today.

Chicago Booth is uniquely positioned to help marketers build the skillsets needed to lead in increasingly complex and data-driven markets. We believe in deep questioning, intellectual curiosity, and a mastery of business fundamentals.

Join us for a lively panel discussion, in which business leaders will share their perspectives on how technology has enabled an evolution in the art and science of marketing.

Please see the Chicago Booth event page for more information about featured speakers and panelists.

Staff Liaison
Alexandria Schultz, AM'13