Moving up the Career Ladder

3 Essential Skills to Stand-Out & Get Promoted

Cost: $10/person


Have you ever wondered why certain people stand-out and are on everyone’s radar?

There’s one skill that gets talked about in corporate circles more than anything else. A skill that separates individual contributors from the influencers and impact players. A skill that sets top performers apart from the pack. And that skill is leadership.

But the truth is, there’s no such thing as leadership -- it’s actually a collection of skills, relationships, and abilities a person needs to rise up the ranks in their organization.

There’s just one catch. A person working alone--even if they work hard-- is not a leader. Leaders rise to the top because they know how to confidently and effectively influence other people -- whether they are direct reports, collaborators, or bosses. The good news is, this can be learned.

Join Jo Ilfeld, PhD, for a highly-interactive workshop about how to build the influence skills you need that no one teaches.

 ”Being Smart Isn't Enough: 3 Essential Skills for Analytical Leaders to Stand Out and Move Up”

Here’s what you’ll learn:
* The simple key to quickly build influence that produces stellar results 
* The most common communication mistake that people make -- and what to do instead so things go your way (no matter what)
* How to achieve the outcome you want at ANY meeting without coming off as an unlikeable -- or a know it all
* How to use your body language to confidently signal leadership and likeability

You’ll walk away from this workshop with practical strategies you can use right away to shift the way colleagues, managers and direct reports respond to you for the better. You’ll understand how to quickly build influence and master the subtle signals you are sending to the people you work with. You’ll leave with how-to strategies for creating and standing-out on strong, high-performing teams.

Jo Ilfeld, PhD is an executive leadership coach who works with high potentials and established leaders to create more impact and influence in their organizations. She helps her clients build competency as confident, effective leaders of high-performing teams. On a mission to cultivate wise and successful leaders in the business sector, Jo offers one-to-one and group coaching privately and within organizations, as well as team workshops, and on-site trainings. Jo has worked with executives and entrepreneurs for companies throughout the Bay Area and beyond including eBay, Paypal, Cisco and Kaiser. Prior to starting Success Reboot, Jo grew her first company from a hobby into a million dollar business. She is a graduate of Yale College and holds a PhD in Business from UC Berkeley.

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