Career Month: Nonprofit Essentials

Join us to hear from nonprofit serial executive, Kweli Kwaza, AM'11. Live a rich life by being a lifelong giver of life!

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Kweli is the Founder and Executive Director of the Talented 10th College Prep and Career Mentoring organization. Since 1983 Kweli has led the effort in assisting inner city youth in navigating through the college admissions process. Talented 10th uses college students to mentor high school students with the goal of college attainment. It is estimated that over 2,500 students have graduated from college since the birth of the Talented 10th.

Kweli has also founded Club 21 (the 21st Ward Block Club Network) out of the need for neighbors to participate in reducing crime and beautifying their neighborhoods. Club 21 also serves as a platform for the Talented 10th college students to perform community service. To date, there are 125 Block Clubs participating in Club 21.

Five years ago, Kweli started up the Young Inventors Program for 4th to 8th grade students. Although, the Young Inventors utilizes S.T.E.M. projects, the goal is to develop participant’s leadership skills.

Kweli is also an entrepreneur with his company Life Savin Water, a filtered, clean, drinking water point of use cooler company.

Kweli is a Fulbright Scholar to Kenya, when he attended Northern Illinois University for a BA in Political Science. While at Northern Illinois University he served two terms as the President of the Black Student Union when he was acknowledged for Who’s Who on College Campuses and many other leadership awards. Kweli is a U of C SSA graduate of 2011.

Kweli has recently the 21st Ward Service Award for Exceptional Leadership in 2016 and most recently on July 9, 2017 when he was presented with another community service leadership award.

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