Career Month: The Future of Work

How it will impact your career, business, and life, and what you’ll need to know and do to empower your success.

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We are living at the most exciting time in human history. The rate of technological innovation is accelerating and an unprecedented pace, giving more of us more access to education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and economic well-being. It is estimated that $8 trillion dollars in economic value will be created thanks to this new technology.

The flip side of this coin is the estimated 47% of jobs that will be taken over by robots or computerized in the coming decades. There is also an aggressive trend away from traditional salaried jobs to contract or freelance work. In Europe since 2010, more than half of the new jobs that have been created are contract-based. These combined factors call into question what jobs will be available, what having a jobs will even mean, and, subsequently, how we will define success.

Join Elatia Abate, an alum of The College (’99) and Booth (’08) and expert on the future of work, to explore what all of this exciting disruption can mean for you and your career, and how to define, design, and build your success in these unprecedented times.

Elatia Abate is an entrepreneur who left the corporate world to revolutionize the way the world thinks about careers and making money. She uses her extensive experience combining people, innovation and marketing strategies to teach individuals how to create careers that bring personal and professional fulfillment, and to teach companies how to build vibrant cultures and recruit the talent needed to ensure growth and success.
In addition to advising and consulting for companies, she speaks around the world on topics that include life design, professional fulfillment, and empowering success in the uncertainty of the freelance economy. She recently delivered a TEDx talk titled “Pioneering The Future Of Work.” You can watch her talk here:

She has coached at and consulted for organizations that include Fortune 500 companies and prominent educational institutions, and she coaches the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Enterprise Accelerator. She currently teaches at the Continuing Studies departments at both University of Toronto and Stanford University. Her work has been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.

Prior to founding her practice, Ms. Abate was Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Recruitment for Dow Jones & Company/The Wall Street Journal. She served as Global Director Talent Acquisition at Anheuser-Busch InBev. She is a design thinking enthusiast, as well as a lover of improv comedy and storytelling.
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